About Me

My Approach

I utilize my experience by turning it in to relatable material for my readers. My goal is to create pieces and stories that my readers can get involved in and are also able to find peace, power, understanding and etc. There is power in everything we go through, my goal is to constantly display that.

My Story

Born and raised in Decatur, IL, LeaTheWriter is a poet, writer and the Author of “Diary Of An Unorthodox GEMini. After more than a decade of writing, she decided to take pieces from her personal “diary” and create a book titled Diary Of An Unorthodox GEMini. After about ten plus years in the mental health field working with passive/aggressive trauma she felt a calling to be a part of the solution in a bigger way. The material she creates is very relatable because of the way she implements life experience, it’s also very unconventional and entertaining. There is no better voyage than traveling through Leaz_World!